World Intellectual Property Day is organized by the World Intellectual Property organization to celebrate the role that intellectual property rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity.

Women play a key role in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial avenues which are the catalyst to economic and community growth worldwide.

BlueshiftIP‘s Cynthia Gilbert will be speaking at the “Women in Innovation and Creativity” event at BC Law for World IP Day this Thursday, 4/26 – join us!

Join us for an evening to celebrate the success of women entrepreneurs in our state, explore the challenges that remain ahead, and get inspired to continue moving forward.

When: April 26th, 2018 – 5:30PM to 7:30PM

Where: Boston College Law School

Confirmed speakers include:
Wynn Coggins – USPTO Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
Betty Francisco – General Counsel at Compass Working Capital and co-founder of Latina Circle
Cynthia Gilbert – Founder, Blueshift IP
Lynnise E. Pantin – Entrepreneurship & Innovation Clinic at BC Law
Pamela Layton – President/COO, Bioarray Genetics
Deirdre Sanders – Principal, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds
David Olson – Associate Professor, Boston College Law School
Patricia Boyle-McKenna – Interim Chief Information Officer at City of Boston

Join the conversation using #worldipday and tell us about the female inventors and creators who are powering change near you!




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