July 27, 2016


Named as The National Law Journal's IP Trailblazers in 2020, Blueshift IP is a Boston-based patent law firm specializing in computer technology and software patents.

We help computer technology companies protect their key innovations with a comprehensive patent strategy.

Key Client Benefits

  • Our attorneys are computer patent specialists with computer science expertise.
  • We specialize in obtaining strong, broad, defensible software patents for our clients.
  • We strive to maximize protection against competitors.
  • We strive to maximize the value of patent portfolios for sale and acquisition.
  • We strive to craft patent properties with increased signaling strength to investors, partners, and acquirers.

Our Values

  • An intrinsic belief that a company’s intellectual property should serve to further its business objectives
  • A commitment to provide guidance not just on process and execution, but also in prioritizing monetary and time resources against the needs of the business to get the essential IP portfolio established
  • A commitment to engage with your technology and business teams throughout the IP process in order to be a thought partner and IP guardian for you from conception to filing and beyond

Key Client Outcomes

  • An understanding of what to patent - and what not to patent
  • Prioritization among your many options and innovations to cover, in order to achieve a plan for protecting the most vital innovations
  • Structured communication of our jointly-evolved IP strategy to outside stakeholders such as investors, potential acquirers and partners
  • Acquainting you and your employees with the IP process so that your engineering and business teams together become part of the stewardship of the company’s vital IP assets
  • An outstanding patent portfolio: (a) breadth that covers your current and future technology and business offerings/innovations and (b) each patent written in highly defensible language where claims and specifications stake your company’s claim not just in the areas you presently consider vital, but future and potentially unanticipated needs as well
  • Through our participation in your business prioritization process, we strive to ensure that our protection strategy evolves with your changing thinking as you encounter new challenges and opportunities in your business