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Your patent strategy can make or break your business.

As a growing tech company, you are:

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But what you really need is an expert patent attorney who:

Securing and defending early patents for your company’s innovative software gives you a market edge on every front. From concept to scale, I work closely with you, creating  a patent portfolio that attracts investment, deters competitors, and increases your company’s value.

 It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up looking to get acquired or if you’re running a multinational corporation seeking a bulwark against large competitors, strategic patents add value – and give you a critical edge over your competitors.

The right patents at the right time change everything

Business goals
shape your winning
patent strategy

Raise funds

Attract investors and help your company stand out from the competition. Drive interest and flow revenue into your business, getting the funding you need with a strategically developed patent portfolio.

Protect your innovations
against competitors

Establish comprehensive protection built on business-driven patent strategies that provide enforceable rights against infringers and boost resilience against invalidity challenges.

Act early for
maximum value

Every day counts when your competitors are filing for their own patents aggressively.  Beat them to the Patent Office and take an early lead in your industry to maximize your patent portfolio’s value.

Transform your patents
into dollar signs

Sell or license your patents to build your bottom line. I help you turn patents into profits, unlocking new revenue streams.

Your business is international. 
Your patents should be too

A high-value, low-risk international patent portfolio defends your technology worldwide and provides maximum value to your future acquirers and licensees. Think globally to maximize your long-term return on investment.

Get acquired

Planning for an acquisition or IPO? Companies with early and solid patent patent portfolios get acquired more quickly and easily at higher valuations than their competitors.

You know your business.
I know software patents.

Let’s work together.

For 25+ years I’ve worked with innovative tech companies to plan, execute, and develop software patent portfolios to help them attract funding, protect them against competitors, and position them to be acquired at maximum value. My clients range from ground-level startups to multinational corporations all with a common thread:

the need to protect their core innovations to maximize value, revenue, and profits, and to minimize risk.

Ever since obtaining my degree in computer science from MIT and my Juris Doctor from the Boston University School of Law over 25 years ago, I’ve merged my two specialties to focus on providing unmatched legal services to companies developing innovative software

I build long-term relationships with clients to ensure that their patent strategy is optimized for every phase of their business lifecycle.  On my website and LinkedIn profile, you’ll see  detailed testimonials that reflect decades of satisfied and loyal clients.  I obtain strong, broad, and defensible patents all over the world. Together we will work to identify opportunities and secure  patents so your business can:

AI and patents

How can you protect your
company’s AI technology
against competitors?

Can an invention that’s
generated by AI be

Can new types of AI
technology be

Although many lawyers have only recently started thinking about these questions, for decades I’ve done more than ask those questions -- I’ve answered them.  And I’ve applied  my strategies  to obtain AI patents for my clients.

I wrote the first (and still only) book about the impact of AI on the patent system in 2009: The Genie in the Machine: How Computer-Automated Inventing is Revolutionizing Law and Business. I use the strategies outlined in the book (and many not described in the book) to obtain broad, strong, defensible, and proactive patent protection for my clients’ AI innovations.

Strong words
from stakeholders

Robert played a pivotal role in our extensive patent filings, seamlessly collaborating with our scientific team. His guidance has been an invaluable asset as we have navigated the emerging field of quantum computing. We have a strong IP portfolio built on his meticulous guidance.


Yudong Cao, CTO,  Zapata AI

The numbers speak for themselves—Robert secured 7 of 7 patents for Edgewise Networks!


Peter Smith, Founder, Edgewise Networks
(Acquired by Zscaler)

Robert has served as our IP attorney for almost a decade. We now have a transnational patent portfolio covering foundational IP and key technologies that has added significant value to our company. Robert has worked to monetize and continually increase our company’s portfolio value. We are very happy with Robert’s work.


Bradley Tyers, CEO at MAID IP Holdings PtyLtd.

We’ve worked with Robert for over 10 years and obtained many patents with very broad claim protection that many thought would never be issued. We’ve broadened and strengthened our level of protection thanks to Robert’s outstanding patent law services.


Rick Rice, Director of Application Technology at AMVAC Chemical Corp.

The ultimate compliment for a business is that they treat your business like their business. BlueShift meets this high standard. We have found the legal advice to be stellar. The customer service is fantastic. The attention to the little things is excellent. At the end of the day, however, it’s results that matter. BlueShift has delivered patents on all 8 of our applications. That’s 8/8. I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Phil Sayles, Founder/CEO, Summate Technologies, Inc.

Yes, software can be patented. and other legal truths.

Too many enterprises are held back by misinformation and missed opportunities surrounding software patents.


They forego taking action , only to find that they have no recourse when their competitors copy their core innovations


As an aggressive and savvy patent attorney specializing in software patents, I obtain patents for your software that are strong, broad, and defensible


Now is the time to get the patent  expertise you need to protect and maximize the value of your innovations.

Any question.
Any idea.
Any growth phase.

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