Robert Plotkin Interviewed by Authority Magazine on AI and the Legal Industry
Robert Plotkin

Blueshift IP co-founder Robert Plotkin spoke with Authority Magazine about how artificial intelligence is disrupting the legal industry – and what lawyers should consider as we approach living in an increasingly AI-assisted world.

In addition to discussing his unique background as a MIT-trained computer scientist and patent software expert, Robert discussed how generative AI tools like ChatGPT have great potential to change the legal industry.

“Although such tools don’t come close to replacing expert lawyers, they can be extremely useful for performing tasks such as summarizing complex documents, rephrasing text in a different tone or a more understandable way, and coming up with examples of a concept,” Robert said.

Robert also discussed the skills that will be most valuable for what will likely be an AI-enhanced future.

“Even if I could tell you exactly what skills you need today to make yourself as valuable as possible in light of AI, no one can predict exactly how technology will evolve or what skills we will need a year from now, so the most important skill is the ability to observe, learn, and adapt continuously,” Robert said.

Fear of being replaced is a common reaction to an increasingly AI-enhanced world, and Robert discussed how this kind of mindset is a challenge to overcome for professionals.

“Many people have an instinctive self-protective reaction to AI and other new technologies, which is to cling fiercely to their current skills, responsibilities, and ways of doing things,” Robert said. “Although this is understandable, it’s counterproductive and actually is self-sabotaging.”

In the interview, Robert also discusses a number of other related topics, including ethical considerations and the top five things professionals need to do if AI is disrupting their industry.

Read the full interview on Authority Magazine’s website.




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