Robert Plotkin, Guest Appearance on “BE THAT LAWYER” Podcast Discusses the Future of Practicing the Law in an Automated World
Robert Plotkin - IP Attorney
Robert Plotkin

Automation has created efficiencies across industries, but how will this technology impact the legal profession? Blueshift IP co-founder Robert Plotkin joined Steve Fretzin as a guest on the BE THAT LAWYER podcast to talk about the future of practicing law in an automated world. The BE THAT LAWYER podcast offers practical tips, fresh ideas, and new methodologies for growing and sustaining a legal practice.

“I still think it's true that performing legal analysis, in many ways, cannot be automated,” Robert said on the podcast. “If you were to observe, during the course of your day, all the tasks you perform as a lawyer and you break them down into smaller units, many of them don't really require the skill of a lawyer. Those can be automated.”

In the episode, Robert and Steve discuss:
• How AI can assist a law firm and the benefits of automating those things that can be automated.
• Best practices for selecting automation and law firm technologies.
• Common misconceptions about law firm automation.
• Creating a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

You can listen to the full episode here:




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