Robert Plotkin Authors Article for Law360 about How Lawyers Can Use ChatGPT
Robert Plotkin

Blueshift IP co-founder and patent software expert Robert Plotkin recently authored an article for Law360  titled “Why I Use ChatGPT to Tell Me Things I Already Know.”

The article provides readers with tips on the practical application of ChatGPT within the legal profession while also addressing certain inherent risks of using ChatGPT, mainly the risk of inaccuracy.

In addressing the risk of inaccuracy, Robert acknowledges that in professions where accuracy is critical—including law and medicine—relying solely on ChatGPT would not be prudent. However, he goes on to point out certain tasks that are use cases for ChatGPT among lawyers, including rephrasing existing text for an existing audience and coming up with real-world examples of legal concepts.

Robert also highlights the fact that users of ChatGPT, especially lawyers, should be critical of the application’s output. He emphasizes the usefulness of ChatGPT but encourages lawyers to review ChatGPT-generated responses for errors.

Ultimately, Robert argues that an all-or-nothing approach to ChatGPT for lawyers is not the best way to view the technology. Rather, lawyers can use ChatGPT as a tool to facilitate certain tasks, but ultimately it is up to the user to verify AI-generated information.

You can download a PDF of the article here.




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