Robert Plotkin Authors Article for IPWatchdog Providing Guidance to Executives on When—and When Not—to Patent
Robert Plotkin

Blueshift IP co-founder and software patent expert Robert Plotkin recently published an article on IPWatchdog providing guidance to executives on when to consider patenting AI systems and their output versus when to consider keeping such innovations trade secrets.

Using the parable of the goose and the golden egg, Robert lays out the multiple options to protecting AI-related intellectual property and their respective pros and cons. Part of his analysis that is often a priority for executives and patent owners is the pathways to monetization.

“The savvy executive, guided by the patent attorney, has an important and strategic business decision to make, one rooted in an understanding of IP law and its impact on a business’ bottom line and its ability to stave off competition,” Robert writes.

The full article is available to read on




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