Robert Plotkin Authors Article for Inc. Magazine about How Software Companies Should Develop and Patent AI-Related Innovations
Robert Plotkin

Blueshift IP co-founder and patent software expert Robert Plotkin recently published an article in Inc., the magazine for entrepreneurs and innovators in business, titled “Patent Law Isn’t Ready for AI. Here’s How to Prepare Your Company.”

In the piece, Robert discusses how AI’s recent ascent in the public eye and adoption across industries have created significant opportunities for enterprising companies seeking to gain a leg up in the market through patenting AI-related innovations.

“Leveraging AI’s power in IP-protectable ways can create significant value and help software developers erect major competitive firewalls,” Robert writes. “But if a company misses the window that’s opening now or fails to incorporate major AI platform capabilities in its tech stack, it could find itself with a diminished trajectory, damaged prospects for raising capital, and significantly reduced enterprise value.”

Robert provides readers with three pathways companies should consider for the creation of protectable IP in the AI-driven tech verse. These include using AI functionality in products to cut development costs and shorten timelines, creating new and valuable products that use AI as a starting point, and seeking significant pioneer patents.

The full article is available here.




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