Proven Techniques to Maximize Value in Strategic Patenting

Not all patent law firms are created equal. When you decide to pursue a patent for your invention (or on behalf of your company), you’re faced with a range of choices – and to get the most out of your patent dollars, you need to find a patent law firm that can maximize the strength and value of your patent portfolio. At Blueshift IP, we’ve formed a unique process to grow patent portfolios for our clients based on their business goals.

For example, I’m one of the founding partners at Blueshift IP, and I earned a degree Computer Science and Engineering at MIT before becoming a patent attorney over 20 years ago.  This training in computer science and engineering has been vital for helping me to create strong, broad, and defensible software patent portfolios for my clients over the years. It helps me to understand my clients’ technology and to speak to them in their own language. In any business really, the more you understand your clients or audience, the better you can serve them. This is an example of the kind of knowledge that’s enabled us to have a proven track record of obtaining software patents despite the significant challenges that can be involved in obtaining such patents.  We have continued to routinely obtain software patents for our clients even after the Alice Supreme Court decision, which has caused many other patent law firms to give up on even trying to obtain software patents.

Expertise in software patents, however, isn’t the only thing that sets us apart at Blueshift IP.  We also have a unique and razor-sharp focus on each of our client's goals and technology. We tailor a patent strategy that is specific to each client, rather than using a cookie-cutter approach.  This enables us to maximize the protection you obtain whether you are a startup company, multinational corporation, foreign patent law firm, or even an individual inventor. The strategy that is right for you depends on your situation and goals, and we pride ourselves on the direct and individualized attention we pay to each of our clients.

Some of our clients want to obtain patents for defensive purposes—to protect against their larger competitors and avoid lawsuits.  Other clients want to maximize the value of their company for acquisition. Yet other clients want to obtain patents so that they can license those patents to other companies.  The right patent strategy is different for each of these kinds of clients. We have seen it all and we know how to tailor a patent strategy based on your goals, and how to guide you every step of the way.  Obtaining maximum value from patents is a long process, often taking many years, and we work closely with our clients as a member of their team from start to finish.

We at Blueshift IP are here to develop and execute a patent strategy that is aligned with and supports your business goals.  We encourage you to keep us informed of developments in your company so that we can work with you to integrate your patent strategy with your business strategy, in order to maximize the return on your patent investment.





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