We are all dealing with unprecedented circumstances right now, and we know that some of your top priorities are keeping your business running, and keeping yourself and all around you safe.

In terms of keeping your business not only running but thriving, we, at Blueshift IP, want to partner with you and develop patent strategies tailored to the current economic environment that will work to maximize the benefits to you and your business.

In today’s episode of The Software Patent Podcast, Robert Plotkin – a software patent attorney, computer scientist, and one of the founding partners at Blueshift IP – focuses on patent strategies in the face of COVID-19 and stresses the importance of taking action before your competitors.

You’ll learn:

  • The reasons you should invest in patents, regardless of the current economic environment. (01:34)
  • The restrictions imposed on filing for patent if you have already made your technology available publicly. (03:21)
  • How we, at Blueshift IP, can help you make targeted and limited investments that will preserve your options in the future. (04:07)

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