July 28, 2016


Cynthia Gilbert and Robert Plotkin, both passionate technologists and software patent attorneys with degrees in computer science, founded Blueshift IP, a Boston-based patent law firm specializing in computer technology and software patents.

Robert Plotkin

Attorney Robert Plotkin has been a leader in obtaining software patents for clients for two decades, and consistently obtains software patents for clients even after the Alice Supreme Court decision stopped most companies from obtaining software patents.

Cynthia Gilbert

Ms. Gilbert's practice focuses on the strategic development of patent portfolios for a range of computer technology companies in all stages of the invention life cycle: start-ups, emerging companies, and established public companies.

International Network of Patent Law Firms

Today’s patent owners require international patent protection. Our extensive, hand-selected network of leading international law firms provides our clients with the breadth and depth necessary to create, grow, manage, and enforce patent portfolios worldwide in every jurisdiction.

We maintain close relationships with all of our foreign law firms so that our clients obtain responsive, effective, and efficient service, whether filing a single patent application in a foreign country, enforcing a patent in a foreign court, or selling an entire patent portfolio in a multinational transaction.

Select Network of Patent Service Providers

We have developed and are consistently improving our network of top-tier service providers for performing patent-related services for our clients, including:

  • Patentability searches, state-of-the-art searches, invalidity searches, infringement searches, and freedom to operate (also called right to use and clearance) searches
  • Patent licensing, sales, and other forms of patent commercialization
  • Patent litigation and other forms of patent enforcement
  • Patent maintenance

As a result of our network of external service providers, all of whom we carefully screen and monitor, our clients obtain the benefits of access to best-in-class resources without the overhead expense or inefficiencies associated with the typical vertical law firm hierarchy.