Traditional thinking is that your company’s IP is a cost center and a large one at that. That’s simply not the case. In fact, when IP is strategically invested, it is an asset that can provide significant returns whether it’s revenue, sale, or acquisition. You just need to know what the value of your IP is and how to maximize it. Tune in the hear Robert Plotkin and David Hern, Founder and CEO of Sofer Advisors for a practical discussion to learn how to identify the value of your IP and how to leverage it.

You will hear about…

  • How IP really does matter when it comes to business valuation
  • How to identify IP and other intangible assets
  • How companies are valued and how IP can significantly impact their value
  • About making acquisitions go quickly and smoothly
  • How to leverage your existing and future IP as a revenue generator
  • How to generate business value through licensing, sale, acquisition, and IPO




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