Making Decisions Series: Handling Rejections of Your Patent Applications

It is normal for your patent application to be rejected at first. In most cases, this signals the start of the negotiation process with the patent office.

In this episode, Robert Plotkin, a software patent attorney and co-founder of the law firm Blueshift IP, explains how to handle rejections of patent applications. He also covers why applications are rejected and why you need legal assistance when responding to rejections.

Tune in to this fifth episode of the Software Patent Podcast to learn about handling rejections of patent applications.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why it's normal for patent applications to be rejected (02:47)
  • Why you shouldn’t take patent rejection personally (07:10)
  • Why you should discuss your office action with your attorney (09:00)
  • The different rejection terminologies (14:15)




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