Every day I work with clients to understand their business plan and then design and implement and execute a patent strategy that promotes their business goals. This is quite different from how lots of companies and patent law firms obtain patents, which involves using a cookie-cutter approach to apply for patents on every new technology that is developed.  In contrast, the business-focused approach that we use to obtain patents for our clients results in producing patents that are much more valuable to the company because they are targeted specifically at promoting the company’s business goals from the beginning of the process, which results in a much greater ROI.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How your business plan can drive your patent strategy
  • How Start Up companies can really benefit from patents when thinking about their exit strategy
  • How Patent applications and patents on your asset sheet will add significant value when going for a next round of investment

There are so many ways a software patent can be valuable to you. You can connect with us with any questions via www.blueshiftip.com




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