Even sophisticated high-tech companies often get tripped up by common pitfalls in the patent process, and lose critical legal protection for their innovative technology as a result. The patent process is complex and frequently changes—especially in the world of software patents. In my own law firm, we often find ourselves navigating through a minefield of potential traps for our clients in order to maximize legal protection for them and to avoid forfeiting their rights.

In this episode, we discuss three of the most common mistakes that high-tech companies—and their law firms—make when seeking patent protection and how to avoid making them. These are:

  • Patents Are Not Copyrights or Trademarks
  • Overlooking International Protection
  • Misusing Provisional Patent Applications

It’s important for you to know about these pitfalls even if you’ve never applied for a patent because you could unintentionally forfeit your patent rights if you don’t take preventive measures in advance.

There are so many ways a software patent can be valuable to you. You can connect with us with any questions via www.blueshiftip.com




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