Exploring the AI Patent Landscape: Emerging Top Trends and Shifts to Watch For

Inventions involving artificial intelligence (AI) continue to raise challenges for patentability of AI-related inventions. For example, the U.S. Supreme Court recently rejected an attempt to name an AI system as the sole inventor on a patent application. In light of this and the rapid development of AI systems, the USPTO requested public comments on a wide range of topics relating to AI and the patent system. In addition, AI raises difficult questions about whether AI-related inventions qualify as patentable subject matter, how to describe AI-related inventions in ways that satisfy the written description and enablement requirements, and how to demonstrate that AI-related inventions are nonobvious. These and other developments underscore the need for patent owners and businesses alike to stay updated with emerging regulatory trends and take proactive measures against improper inventorship.

Listen as Robert Plotkin, Software Patent Attorney and Co-Founder of Blueshift IP provides a comprehensive discussion of the current and emerging patent policies and procedures for AI-related inventions. Robert addresses practical tips and strategies for navigating this ever-changing regulatory landscape including:

  • A Framework for Identifying Patentable Aspects of AI-Related Inventions
  • Patenting Innovations Involving Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • What Lies Ahead – Potential Implications of the USPTO’s Request for Comments on AI




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