Developing Strategic Patent Portfolios for Start-Ups: Tips and Strategies Explored

Technology startups stand to benefit from patents in the form of protection against competitors, increased valuations, and increased ability to obtain funding. Yet startups face many challenges when seeking patent protection, including resource constraints, lack of internal expertise and business processes, among others.

To thrive amidst uncertainties and the constant pressures facing startups, such companies should be well-versed in any developments surrounding patent laws and best practices to successfully navigate through legal complexities, build sound patent portfolios, and recognize common pitfalls which could result in long-term repercussions.

Listen in to Robert Plotkin as he discusses the latest trends and developments surrounding patent laws as well as practical tips and strategies for managing patent portfolios for startups.

Key topics discussed include:

  • Maximizing Benefits of Patents with Limited Resources
  • Setting a Foundation for Long-Term Success with Patents
  • Recognizing Common Challenges and Pitfalls




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