This four-part series is all about artificial intelligence and understanding the patentability of AI innovations. In the first three episodes, we looked at how artificial intelligence can create super inventors that solve more problems in less time, how AI is enabling them to make their wishes come true, and how sometimes, inventors can create AI-based innovations that they, themselves don’t entirely understand.

If you’ve missed those episodes, go back and take a listen.

Today, in the last part of the series, Robert Plotkin – a software patent attorney, computer scientist and one of the founding partners at Blueshift IP, a U.S. patent law firm specializing in software patents – focuses on how artificial intelligence is making it more critical than ever before for innovative companies to choose between patenting their inventions or keeping them as trade secrets.

Tune in to Episode 04 of The Software Patent Podcast – Deep Dive Series on Artificial Intelligence to find out why your inventions could be compared with The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs – Aesop’s famous fable – and the aspects you should pay attention to when thinking to patent your AI invention.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The story of The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs. (01:38)
  • How the fable illustrates perfectly the tension faced by today’s companies that are developing AI. (03:45)
  • What happens with your AI invention after you file a patent. (05:27)
  • The alternatives to patenting your AI invention. (06:59)
  • How your AI technology is comparable with an employee that signs a non-disclosure agreement. (09:01)

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