In our first episode of this series on understanding the patentability of AI innovations, Cynthia Gilbert discussed how artificial intelligence can create super inventors that solve more problems in less time.

Today, in our second episode, Robert Plotkin – a software patent attorney, computer scientist and one of the founding partners at Blueshift IP, a U.S. patent law firm specializing in software patents, focuses on how artificial intelligence is enabling inventors to make their wishes come true – and the impact of that on patent law.

Tune in to Episode 02 of The Software Patent Podcast – Deep Dive Series on Artificial Intelligence to find out how exactly AI turns Edison’s famous phrase, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”, on its head, thus allowing inventors to focus more on innovation and less on the work involved in the process.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • An inventor’s process before and after AI came into our lives. (01:23)
  • How Thomas Edison’s work could have been less laborious if he had AI to help him in the process of inventing the light bulb. (05:23)
  • How AI shifts the focus from physically building and testing prototypes to the skill of describing the requirements for a successful invention. (07:49)
  • One significant implication of AI for patent law and companies that want to innovate. (09:53)
  • The special expertise required for obtaining broad patent protection. (12:06)

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