November 11, 2016


Over the past three decades, I have worked with more than twenty patent attorneys at several big law firms in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia on a wide range of intellectual property matters. When it comes to intellectual property strategy and patent prosecution for computer-related technologies, Robert is the best of the best. He is incredibly smart, highly experienced, super responsive, and competitively priced. Robert has assisted my companies in securing valuable patents that have been licensed to more than 50 major corporations, and he continues to actively represent me on various strategic projects. Importantly, Robert has continued to obtain valuable software patent protection following the Supreme Court’s Alice decision. His work meets the highest standards and gets done on time, while costs remain reasonable. Robert is also a pleasure to work with.

Steven K. Gold, M.D., Serial Entrepreneur

Attorney Cynthia Gilbert has worked with us closely for over five years, developing our patent portfolio, which has served as a cornerstone of our company’s competitive advantage.  Ms. Gilbert easily engaged with us on highly complex, technical details of our cryptography-based inventions, revealed exactly where our technology was most innovative and differentiated, and obtained several critical and highly valuable software patents in the US and internationally for our company.  Ms. Gilbert has navigated the equally complex patent process for us to obtain these strong, defensible patents.  She is a valued advisor to us and we highly recommend her for software patent needs.

– Will Ackerly, Founder, Virtru Corporation

As a leading intellectual property law firm in India, we require high-quality, responsive, and efficient legal services for our clients throughout the world. We turn to Attorney Robert Plotkin to obtain patents on software and other computer-related technology in the United States for our clients and we have found the firm to be extremely effective at obtaining such patents, despite the complexity of the technology being patented and the rapidly-changing law governing patent protection for computer technology. Attorney Plotkin responds to our instructions and inquiries promptly, communicates with us clearly, and provides competitive and predictable fees. We can recommend Attorney Robert Plotkin for any law firm or company seeking a U.S. patent attorney specializing in patent protection for computer technology.

– Dr. Mohan Dewan, Principal, R.K. Dewan & Co.

– Dr. Niti Dewan, Head of Patents and Business Development, R.K. Dewan and Co.

In growing from a small, Cambridge start-up to a well-established video advertising company working with some of the largest brands in the world, we have relied on Cynthia’s legal expertise to develop a patent portfolio that supports our business objectives.  She takes the time to learn our business, engages on key technical details with ease, and provides the tactical and strategic insights that help us understand and navigate the legal process to create a valuable patent portfolio. 

Additionally, I genuinely enjoy that as a female inventor I can work with a female patent attorney – a rare and statistically unlikely scenario in a space where 93% of inventors and over 85% of software patent lawyers are men.  We highly recommend Cynthia for software patent needs.

- Bettina Hein, Founder and CEO, Pixability, Inc.

Robert takes the time to understand our business and our technology in depth. As a result, he tailors our patent strategy to our business goals as they evolve, instead of applying a cookie-cutter approach. He is solution-oriented and has helped our company to develop an international patent portfolio covering our core technologies in our key markets worldwide. We consider him to be a part of our team.

– Juergen Fritsch, Chief Scientist, M*Modal

Cynthia is a rock star patent attorney. She has worked with our growing company closely for several years (in fact pretty much since inception), developing an international patent portfolio covering our core technologies in our key markets worldwide. She has helped us understand our legal options and how to evaluate them, tailoring her counsel to support our business objectives and our budget. And just as importantly, she has been extremely valuable on the execution side of the recommended strategy. We absolutely trust her recommendations on complex legal matters and consider her an integral member of our legal team.  I have been recommending her for years to literally ALL my friends and contacts in tech who are looking for Intellectual Property advice and especially for software patent counsel.


- Gaetan Bonhomme, Founder, Snakt, Inc.

Hire [Patent Attorney] Robert [Plotkin]. Really, it is that simple. He is great. But if you want more detail, know that I have had the pleasure of working with Robert since 2013. Since Patent #1, Robert has skillfully shepherded a variety of patents into and successfully through the USPTO. In particular, it was highly comforting to have Robert “on my side” and to benefit from his expertise in software patents as he helped us navigate the Alice minefield at the USPTO. Thanks to Robert, my company obtained a patent that we believe to be quite valuable to our business with a few more in process. Cool headed and enjoyable to work, with I always enjoy talking with Robert, learning from him, and strategizing how best to approach building a valuable IP portfolio for PF Loop. He is a gem.

– David Kopans, Founder, PFLoop, Inc.

When I developed a groundbreaking new computer architecture, I went to Attorney Robert Plotkin to obtain wide-ranging US and international patent protection for the invention.  I knew from the beginning that patent protection would be critical to my business success.  Attorney Plotkin used his expertise in computer science and software patents to obtain several patents for my invention very quickly and smoothly.  Because of his expertise in the Alice case, he was able to either avoid Alice rejections or overcome them quickly in my patents without sacrificing protection.  Attorney Plotkin navigates the complex patent system for me and allows me to focus on developing my technology and business.  I recommend Attorney Plotkin to anyone seeking computer patent protection in the U.S. and internationally in the post-Alice world.

– Sherwin Han, Inventor and Entrepeneur

We’ve had only positive experience since Robert Plotkin was engaged to handle our patent applications.  When the Bilski decision was announced, the attorney who was in the process of preparing our patent filing essentially said that all was lost, with no need to continue pursuit of patent protection.  This response came from a well-respected individual and firm who had managed a number of previous successful patent filings to completion for us without any complaints from our side.  That said, they were stymied by the fallout from the Bilski decision; Robert wasn’t.  He coached us through the nuances of the decision, explained why he was confident that our application could be successful, he took on management of the process, and we received a patent that another highly competent and successful patent firm didn’t believe possible.

In a follow-up patent filing, we got blasted pretty hard by the examiner, with outright rejection of all our claims in the examiner’s first response. I was devastated, but Robert said not to worry. With very minor changes in wording, but with substantial educational effort from Robert to help the examiner better understand how and why our invention was substantially different than anything else, the application was approved, and we received our patent in short order. The timeliness of having the patent issued was also a function of Robert’s understanding of how to expedite the process via the Patent Prosecution Highway. We received the patent more quickly under Robert’s guidance than had been the case with any other patents in our patent estate, and it paved the way for successful filings in every country outside the USA in which we chose to seek protection.

We interviewed a number of patent attorneys before choosing Robert. I’ve been the non-attorney individual within our organization who’s had the most dealings with Robert. In all our dealings, he’s always well-prepared, he never pushes things until the last minute, he consistently delivers what he says he will, and he does it within the scope of the budget to which we’ve agreed. I’ve only seen him face-to-face one time since choosing him to represent our patent interests, but nonetheless, we’ve developed a close working relationship and he has my complete confidence and respect.

– Rick Rice, Director, Marketing Development, Plant Health Care, Inc.


As General Counsel for a technology licensing company I deal with outside legal counsel regularly.  My experience with Robert Plotkin has proved to me time and again that it’s not the size of the firm but the attention to the client’s needs that matters most.  One specific example that comes to mind was I was when Robert proposed to me an alternate and cost-conscious way to proceed with a patent filing – the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH).  Robert discussed the approach with me and showed how using the PPH could not only save money but also shorten significantly the time between filing and grant.  The shortened prosecution time allowed us to bring the technology to market more quickly, and getting into the market early is a key part of the success of any technology company.  I look forward to using Robert’s expertise in the future.

– Stephen J. Bornick, Esq., General Counsel, Plant Health Care, Inc.

As CEO of several technology startups, I have used large, well known firms to prepare and file patents, and have found Attorney Robert Plotkin to be just as capable with much better bang for the buck.

– Joseph Bates, CEO & Founder, Singular Computing LLC

Attorney Robert Plotkin has obtained patents for several of my companies over the years on a variety of biomedical inventions.  We first turned to the firm to rescue a patent application that had been filed by another firm and which was struggling at the Patent Office.  Attorney Plotkin worked closely with me to develop and execute a strategy to obtain the patent after we were almost ready to give up on it.  Attorney Plotkin works very efficiently to produce high-quality patent applications which sail through the Patent Office—the firm obtained our most recent patent for us in just over one year.  I plan to continue to turn to Attorney Plotkin for all of my patent needs in the U.S. and abroad for all of my businesses.

– Vincent Giuliano, M.D., CEO, Vincon Research Enterprises & Affiliates

We transferred a portfolio of complex software patent applications to Attorney Robert Plotkin after having difficulty working with another firm that did not have sufficient experience with software patents to work effectively with us. Attorney Plotkin quickly grasped our technology and provided us with critical strategic and tactical guidance to enable us to obtain patents for all of the applications we had filed. Since then we have filed additional software patent applications through Robert Plotkin, P.C. to further develop our growing patent portfolio on our evolving product line. We can recommend Attorney Plotkin to any company needing a patent law firm with expertise in software patents.

– Werner Hartmann, Software Engineer, Compuware Corporation

Our experience with Blueshift has been great.  One of their founders, and the person we worked with most, is Attorney Robert Plotkin.  He is both a great attorney and person.  His background is amazing: MIT grad, 20+ years of patent experience, completed hundreds of patents and is considered an expert on the “Alice” case.

Their support staff is also great.  They always kept us in the loop on research, important dates and documents.

Overall my experience with Blueshift has been outstanding.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a team that will produce high-quality, defendable patents.

– Jim Russell, Entrepreneur