Can AI Prompts Be Patented? Don’t Be Too Quick to Dismiss this Question
Robert Plotkin

Blueshift IP co-founder and software patent expert Robert Plotkin authored an article for IPWatchdog about whether artificial intelligence prompts can be patented. The article is titled “Can AI Prompts Be Patented? Don’t Be Too Quick to Dismiss this Question” and can be read online here.

While much attention has been paid to the debate surrounding patenting the output of AI systems, little consideration has been given to the prospect of patenting the input to an AI system, such as a prompt to a large language model.

In his article, Robert reviews the criteria for patentability and draws parallels to AI system prompts and descriptions of classes of embodiments of an invention. To further demystify the intriguing idea of patenting prompts, Robert provides several examples, ranging from the straightforward to the more abstract. He then goes on to make the case for patenting prompts and explores potential unintended consequences should there be a prohibition on patenting prompts.




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