Business Goals + IP Strategy = Propelling Your AI Company Toward Success

Pursuing a cookie-cutter IP strategy for AI technology can lead to:

  • Spending on IP that doesn’t protect your core business
  • Overlooking obtaining IP that would provide critical protection against competitors
  • Failing to secure IP that provides significant value for fundraising, revenue generation, and securing successful exits.

In “Business Goals + IP Strategy = Propelling Your AI Company Toward Success,” Blueshift IP co-founder and AI patent expert Robert Plotkin lays out a goal-based IP strategy for driving business success by securing AI assets through a strategic application of patent and trade secret protection.

By applying Robert’s purpose-built MIND process, business decision-makers can create AI assets and strategically deploy those assets to stave off competitors from encroaching on proprietary technologies while creating value for a company that it can leverage for strategic business purposes, including funding, licensing, and increasing valuation.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • What the MIND process is and how it can be applied to obtain and leverage IP protection that has maximum ROI for AI innovations.
  • Using IP obtained using the MIND process to attract investment, generate revenue, and secure successful exits.
  • Strategies for obtaining IP protection for your IP protection that is neither too broad nor too narrow.
  • Insights into tailoring your IP strategy to your business goals, whether those be to protect against larger competitors, generate licensing revenue, or get acquired at maximum value.

The concepts in this webinar recording build off of our previous webinar “Mining for AI Gold: A Strategic Approach to Identifying AI Assets and Securing Value with IP.”

Both webinar cover information in Robert’s latest book, AI Armor: Securing the Future of Your AI Company with Strategic Intellectual Property, which is available to purchase on Amazon.




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