The Software Patent Podcast was created to educate innovators and business people about how they can maximize the legal protection they obtain for the software they develop using patents, and because we’ve found that many innovative companies fail to maximize the value of the patent protection they obtain as the result of misconceptions they hold about patents and by failing to take some simple steps to systematically protect their products and services.  As a result, many companies leave protection on the table and expose themselves to the risk of infringing their competitors’ patents without having any patents in their own arsenal that they can use to protect themselves.

Patent protection for software can be extremely valuable in protecting your company against competitors, but you need to integrate your company’s patent strategy with your overall business strategy.  We have also found in our experience that patent protection tends to be most valuable to protect a company’s core technologies and technologies that were expensive or complicated to develop but which are easy for your competitors to copy once they see those technologies in use.






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