How To Know When Patent Protection is Valuable For You

Patent protection can be extremely valuable in protecting against competitors but it’s not always appropriate. For companies who have developed inventions that were expensive, complicated, or somewhat tricky to develop, but at the same time, are easy for competitors to copy once they see those inventions – this is where a patent is extremely valuable.

If you’re developing technology that has a single defining feature, how easy would it be for a competitor of yours to copy and include that feature in their products without your permission and without having to pay you? If that scenario would be devastating to your company, than that feature is critically important to patent.

This is the kind of feature that is the “invisible gold,” that’s right under your nose. Like many other companies, you could be missing out on obtaining patents that your company could use to block your competition or to defend your company against costly and time-consuming patent infringement lawsuits from your competitors.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • If software patents can be so valuable to most businesses, then why do so many companies overlook the opportunity or have misconceptions that cause them not to even try to patent certain software?
  • Misinformation and lack of guidance and specialized expertise.
  • Some examples of advice we give to clients on how to maximize the protection they receive from their patent portfolio:

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