Blueshift IP Celebrates and Congratulates our Client, Zapata AI Announcing Its Intention to Go Public With Andretti Acquisition Corp.

Blueshift IP, a boutique patent law firm specializing in strategic patent portfolio development for software patents, is thrilled to announce the news of a definitive business combination agreement that will result in its valued client Zapata AI becoming a U.S. publicly listed company. Zapata AI has reached this significant milestone through a strategic merger with Andretti Acquisition Corp, marking an extraordinary achievement in the fields of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing.

An industrial generative AI software company, Zapata AI’s dedication to innovation, coupled with our strategic approach to patent portfolio development, has played a pivotal role in their journey to becoming a publicly traded company.

With a shared vision and resolute commitment to maximizing the value of intellectual property, Blueshift IP’s Robert Plotkin has diligently worked alongside Zapata AI to cultivate an extensive international patent portfolio of over 100 patents and patent applications. This portfolio, comprising cutting-edge patents in the realms of generative AI and other advanced algorithms that leverage quantum techniques, has not only protected their innovations but has also positioned them for this remarkable IPO.

Jonathan Olson, Zapata AI’s Associate Director of Quantum Science IP and a co-founder of the company, said about Zapata AI’s work with Blueshift IP, “I have worked closely with Robert Plotkin for the past five years, and Robert's unique ability to align patent strategy with our business goals has not only protected our innovations but has also laid the foundation for sustaining and growing the value of our technology. Robert's deep understanding of patent strategy and his dedication to our mission have made him an integral part of the Zapata AI team. His insights and strategic guidance have been instrumental in developing a robust global patent portfolio that rivals or exceeds those of the largest tech giants in our industry.”

Robert, who focuses on strategically developing patents to maximize value for acquisition and IPO, stated, “It has been an incredible privilege to collaborate with Zapata AI on their software patent, AI, and intellectual property journey. I’m immensely proud of their achievements and of the role that our patent strategies have played in ensuring the protection and commercialization of their revolutionary technologies. The success that Zapata AI has achieved with its IPO epitomizes what growing tech companies can accomplish with a combination of world class innovative technology and a strong, broad, and comprehensive patent portfolio behind it.”

The merger between Zapata AI and Andretti Acquisition Corp exemplifies the enormous potential of intellectual property as a valuable asset in the world of tech innovation. Andretti Acquisition Corp. is well-acquainted with Zapata AI and its unique capabilities through their commercial partnership with Andretti Autosport, where they utilize Orquestra® to gain a competitive edge in race strategy for NTT INDYCAR® SERIES competitions. This partnership illustrates how top-tier brands are embracing the company's industrial generative AI solutions to tackle intricate challenges and bolster their competitive standing. Joining forces with Andretti Acquisition Corp. will provide Zapata AI with access to capital markets and greater financial agility to support its technical roadmap, boost enterprise customer acquisition, advance its growth strategy, and to continue pioneering breakthroughs in generative AI.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Zapata AI on their remarkable achievement and look forward to being part of their expected success as a publicly traded company. Blueshift IP remains dedicated to supporting leading-edge clients like Zapata AI in obtaining comprehensive patent portfolios that protect them against competitors and lay the foundation for successful financing, acquisition, and IPO.






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