Blueshift IP Attorneys Recognized as IP Trailblazers

Blueshift IP founders and attorneys Cynthia Gilbert and Robert Plotkin were recognized as IP Trailblazers by the National Law Journal in its November 2020 issue. The Trailblazers series recognizes individuals who are “moving the needle” in intellectual property law in areas including patents.

Having unmatched expertise, determination and passion, Cynthia and Robert have been blazing trails as software patent experts for decades. Post-Alice, they developed innovative ways to overcome the roadblocks to software patents even after the Alice Supreme Court decision led many to believe software patents were dead. They are pioneers of novel legal strategies and are consistently at the forefront of cutting-edge industries, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing.

Robert, an MIT computer science graduate, is a recognized “industry insider,” frequently appearing alongside other industry leaders in publications such as IPWatchdog. He wrote the first book about AI and patents a decade ago. He is a member of the IEEE AI Policy Committee, which advises government agencies and industry on AI policy.

Cynthia leverages her computer science degree and industry experience to engage with complex, technical details of software inventions, revealing where technology is innovative and differentiated while navigating equally complex patent processes to obtain valuable patents.  Additionally, while 93% of inventors and 85% of software patent attorneys are men, Cynthia as a female attorney brings a unique perspective to her work.

Blueshift IP’s data-driven approach to patent strategy and understanding of the finest details in software patent law enable clients to secure software patents effectively and efficiently. International law firms and U.S. patent lawyers turn to Blueshift IP for its constantly evolving expertise in obtaining U.S. software patents for clients. The firm applies agile thinking to patent strategies for its fast-moving clients, maximizing short-term benefits and protecting against future changes in the law. An example is the revolutionary approach the firm often uses to obtain software patents in the wake of Alice. Post-Alice, Blueshift first obtains strong, defensible, laser-focused patents and then obtains successively broader patents over time. Firm clients benefit from faster patent grants and a portfolio that protects technology with an interwoven mesh of strong, enforceable, defensible patent protection.

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