We’re pleased to announce the launch of The Software Patent Podcast. The Software Patent Podcast was created to educate innovators and business people about how patents can help them maximize legal protection for the software they develop. Episodes of the podcast will be available on our website as well as through a number of podcast platforms, including Apple’s iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

In our experience, we have found that many innovative companies fail to secure the value of their intellectual property as a result of misconceptions about patents and the failure to take simple steps to systematically protect their products and services. As a result, these companies expose themselves to a number of risks, including infringing their competitors’ patents as well as having their own research and development efforts replicated by competitors.

Our podcast will cover a variety of software patent-related topics. Episodes we anticipate producing include:

  • The myths about software patenting
  • Reasons why you need patent protection
  • Mistakes that could invalidate your patent
  • How to determine whether software is patentable



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