The Internet of Things – IoT – refers to connecting a wide range of objects and devices to the Internet, in order to make it possible to monitor information about those things and to control what they do.

Today, in the final episode of this series, Cynthia Gilbert, a software patent attorney, computer scientist and one of the founding partners at Blueshift IP – a U.S. patent law firm specializing in software patents – is focusing on an introduction to the Internet of Things and its patentable areas.

Listen to Episode 05 of The Software Patent Podcast – Beyond the Buzzwords series, to learn about the two types of innovators in the IoT space and the areas where there’s more opportunity to identify patentable subject matter.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • An example of a consumer-focused IoT patent. (01:29)
  • The opportunities for the innovators who are taking advantage of the benefits of implementing IoT as it was intended to be used. (01:42)
  • The opportunities for the innovators who are addressing the challenges of implementing IoT and the problems users face with existing IoT infrastructure. (02:30)

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