In a previous episode, we provided an introduction to quantum computing and talked a little bit about some of the challenges that quantum computing poses for the patent system, for companies that are inventing in the quantum computing industry, and for patent attorneys.

In today’s episode, Robert Plotkin – a software patent attorney, computer scientist and one of the founding partners at Blueshift IP – a U.S. patent law firm specializing in software patents – focuses on putting quantum computing patents in historical perspective.

Listen to Episode 04 of The Software Patent Podcast – Beyond the Buzzwords series, to find out how the next couple of years are a critical time in which groundbreaking innovators in quantum computing stand to obtain pioneer patents that could shape the industry for decades to come.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What pioneer patents are. (02:10)
  • The meaning of “prior art search” and its importance for the person or company who is trying to obtain a patent. (02:45)
  • The reasons why now is the best time to file a patent application in the quantum computing field. (04:40)
  • The advantages a company has when obtaining a patent in quantum computing. (06:20)

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