AI has been applied to everything from natural language processing to computer vision to robotics to machine learning, and its reach and impact is growing every day. Obtaining patent protection for AI requires special expertise in both patent law and AI technology.

Robert Plotkin and Cynthia Gilbert, the founding partners at Blueshift IP – a U.S. patent law firm specializing in software patents – join you in a new series, where they discuss, in each episode, specific buzzwords that you’ve probably heard, and they help you understand the challenges and opportunities posed by that topic for patent law and strategy.

So, listen to Episode 01 of The Software Patent Podcast – Beyond the Buzzwords series, where they focus on an introduction to patents and artificial intelligence.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What AI is and how has it evolved over the past five years. (00:55)
  • The two kinds of AI innovators – AI users and AI developers. (01:55)
  • The two key questions AI innovators should explore as they start evaluating their inventions for patentability. (04:35)

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