An Introduction to the Metaverse
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Facebook’s recent decision to change its name to Meta brought instant worldwide awareness to the term “Metaverse,” which refers to a virtual world in which we can explore, play, work, and create. The metaverse can also extend into the physical world using augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies.

The metaverse could change the way industries like manufacturing, healthcare, education, travel and tourism, retail, and more function and will pave the way to develop countless products, services, and solutions in ways that we can’t yet imagine.

In this session, software patent attorney Robert Plotkin of Blueshift IP and Andrew Louder, CEO of Louder Co provided an introduction to the metaverse, discussed core technologies from blockchain to cryptocurrency to artificial intelligence that enable the metaverse, and explained how patents and patent law will be vital to promote innovation in this rapidly changing virtual world.




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