How Patents Can Defend Your Company Against Lawsuits

Many high tech business executives have told me over the years that they don’t obtain patents and don’t think patents have value for their company because they don’t ever plan to sue anyone for patent infringement. This common but flawed logic can have devastating consequences for companies that follow it. What I explain to these Read more about How Patents Can Defend Your Company Against Lawsuits[…]

3 Reasons Why You Need Patent Protection

Do you assume that your business has enough intellectual property protection because you have copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets?  Did you know that by not obtaining patents you may be leaving a critical gap in your company’s intellectual property? Even with copyright, trademark, and trade secret protection, your company may still be vulnerable to lawsuits, Read more about 3 Reasons Why You Need Patent Protection[…]

How To Avoid The Key Patent Pitfalls

Even sophisticated high-tech companies often get tripped up by common pitfalls in the patent process, and lose critical legal protection for their innovative technology as a result.  The patent process is complex and frequently changes—especially in the world of software patents. In my own law firm, we often find ourselves navigating through a minefield of Read more about How To Avoid The Key Patent Pitfalls[…]

Why It’s Important to Identify The Hidden Value of Software Patents

You may have “invisible gold” right under your nose. Like many other companies, you could be missing out on lucrative opportunities to sell or license software patents. The good news is that you don’t have to be in the dark anymore. Software patents can be extremely valuable, but unfortunately, most businesses simply overlook the opportunity, Read more about Why It’s Important to Identify The Hidden Value of Software Patents[…]

Software Patenting Just Got Easier

At Blueshift IP, we specialise in obtaining strong, broad, defensible, and enforceable software patents for our clients in the US and worldwide. Our attorneys have computer science degrees and decades of combined experience specializing in software patents. Ever since the landmark US Supreme Court Case of Alice Corp. vs CLS Bank in 2014, it has Read more about Software Patenting Just Got Easier[…]