How Patents Can Defend Your Company Against Lawsuits

Many high tech business executives have told me over the years that they don’t obtain patents and don’t think patents have value for their company because they don’t ever plan to sue anyone for patent infringement. This common but flawed logic can have devastating consequences for companies that follow it. What I explain to these Read more about How Patents Can Defend Your Company Against Lawsuits[…]

One Huge Mistake That Could Invalidate Your Patent

After your company has made a significant investment of time and money in obtaining a patent, the last thing you want to happen is for your patent to be invalidated because of a mistake that could have been avoided. In this article we will describe the importance of listing the right people as inventors on every Read more about One Huge Mistake That Could Invalidate Your Patent[…]

4 Myths About Provisional Patent Applications

You’ve likely heard about provisional patent applications… But do you really understand what a provisional patent application is and what protection it provides—and doesn’t provide—to your company? This is how many companies waste their money handling provisional patent applications the wrong way. There are at least 4 myths underlying the common misuse of provisional patent Read more about 4 Myths About Provisional Patent Applications[…]

Proven Techniques to Maximize Value in Strategic Patenting

Not all patent law firms are created equal. When you decide to pursue a patent for your invention (or on behalf of your company), you’re faced with a range of choices – and to get the most out of your patent dollars, you need to find a patent law firm that can maximize the strength Read more about Proven Techniques to Maximize Value in Strategic Patenting[…]

Software Patenting Just Got Easier

At Blueshift IP, we specialise in obtaining strong, broad, defensible, and enforceable software patents for our clients in the US and worldwide. Our attorneys have computer science degrees and decades of combined experience specializing in software patents. Ever since the landmark US Supreme Court Case of Alice Corp. vs CLS Bank in 2014, it has Read more about Software Patenting Just Got Easier[…]

World IP Day

World Intellectual Property Day is organized by the World Intellectual Property organization to celebrate the role that intellectual property rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity. Women play a key role in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial avenues which are the catalyst to economic and community growth worldwide. BlueshiftIP‘s Cynthia Gilbert will be speaking at the Read more about World IP Day[…]

Top Reasons for Applying for a Software Patent

Top reasons for applying for a software patent include: 1) you want to signal to potential investors/partners that you are serious about your efforts and have something unique enough to protect via patent; 2) you will need defensive patents to even the playing field against your competitors; and 3) your business model depends on licensing Read more about Top Reasons for Applying for a Software Patent[…]

You May be Surprised to Find Your Software is Patentable

Do you think that your company’s software isn’t patentable?  You might be surprised to find out that software is patentable, and that you are leaving potentially valuable software patents on the table. We have found that many software companies believe that a product must be completely groundbreaking to be patentable, or that only an entirely Read more about You May be Surprised to Find Your Software is Patentable[…]

Anatomy of a Successful Software Patent

Obtaining a valuable, strong, defensible, successful software patent requires not just knowledge of patent law and computer technology, but also extensive experience in how to draft every section of a patent application to maximize the likelihood that it will be granted, the ability to enforce it against competitors, and its strength in withstanding challenges to Read more about Anatomy of a Successful Software Patent[…]